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Chart Wizard – Step 4 of 4
Gridlines: Specify gridlines, if any.
Legend: Specify whether to include a legend and where to place it.
Data Labels: Specify whether to show data labels and what type of labels.
Data Table: Specify whether to display a table of the data.
The options available in Step 3 of the Chart Wizard depend on the type of
chart that you selected in Step 1.
Figure 1-16: You specify the chart options in the
third Chart Wizard dialog box.
When you make changes, the changes are reflected in the preview chart.
For this example, just accept the default setting, except for the Titles tab. Specify
the following titles:
Chart title:
Newspaper Readership by Education Level
Category (X) axis:
After you select the chart options, click Next to move to the final dialog box.
Chart Wizard — Step 4 of 4
Step 4 of the Chart Wizard, shown in Figure 1-17, is used to specify the location for
the chart. Select As New Sheet to create the chart on a Chart sheet, or select As
Object In to create an embedded chart. Make your choice and click Finish.
Excel creates and displays the chart.
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