Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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The Chapter Examples directory
function plot 3D.xls — A general purpose application to plot functions
with two variables
function plots.xls — Contains simple examples of one- and two-variable
function plots
gantt chart.xls — Demonstrates how to create a simple Gantt chart
gradient contour demo.xls — Compares Excel’s contour chart with a
gradient contour chart created with an add-in.
horizontal reference line.xls — Demonstrates how to display a horizontal
line on a column chart
identify max and min data points.xls — Demonstrates how to identify
the largest and smallest data point in a line chart
non-chart charts.xls — Demonstrates a few ways to plot data without
using a chart
normal distribution.xls — Demonstrates how to plot a normal distribution
(bell curve)
overlay charts.xls — Contains examples of charts that are made up of
two or more charts overlaid
population pyramid.xls — Demonstrates how to create a population
pyramid chart (comparative histogram)
shade between lines.xls — Demonstrates how to apply shading between
two line series
single data point charts.xls — Contains several examples of charts that
plot a single data point
stacked and grouped.xls — Contains examples of charts that are stacked
on top of each other, and then grouped together
stacked column chart variations.xls — Contains several examples of stack
column charts
step chart.xls — Demonstrates how to create a step chart
text time line.xls — Demonstrates how to create a simple time line that
displays text
vary column width.xls — Demonstrates how to create a column chart in
which the width of the columns vary
vertical and horizontal bands.xls — Demonstrates how to display vertical
or horizontal bands in a chart
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