Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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The Chapter Examples directory
vertical line in column chart.xls — Demonstrates how to display a vertical
divider line in a column chart
xy chart circles.xls — Demonstrates how to create circles (or squares) in
an XY chart
xy chart variations.xls — Contains several examples of XY charts with
various enhancements
xy chart with colored quadrants.xls — Demonstrates how to create an
XY chart with four colored quadrants
xy charts as maps.xls — Demonstrates how to create a map with an
XY chart
z-score plot.xls — Contains an example of a chart that displays z-scores
bank data.xls — Contains the bank database
employee list.xls — Contains a database that demonstrates how to tabulate
non-numeric data
frequency distribution chart.xls — Demonstrates how to create a
frequency distribution (histogram) from a pivot table
mileage records.xls — Demonstrates item grouping, by date, in a pivot
pivot chart from multiple sheets.xls — Demonstrates how to create a
pivot table using data on multiple worksheets
select row to plot.xls — Contains a simple interactive pivot chart
paste picture formats.xls — Contains a chart copied and pasted in each
of Excel’s paste formats
save charts as GIF files.xls — Contains a simple macro to save all
embedded charts as GIF files
analog clock chart.xls — Displays a clock in an XY chart
animated charts.xls — Contains several animated charts
animated shapes.xls — Contains several animated AutoShapes
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