Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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The Chapter Examples directory
bubble chart mouse.xls — Contains a mouse face in a bubble chart
contour chart patterns.xls — Displays patterns using a contour chart
debbie gewand.xls — Contains examples of custom clip art created from
dice roller.xls — Simulates rolling two dice
doughnut chart spinner.xls — A wheel of fortune in a doughnut chart
hypocycloid — animated.xls — Displays an infinite number of colorful,
animated curves
hypocycloid.xls — Displays an infinite number of interesting curves
mountain ranges.xls — A mountain range in an area chart
plot sin and cosine.xls — Demonstrates how to plot trigonometric
radar chart designs.xls — Displays interesting designs in a radar chart
xy sketch.xls — Create simple designs in an XY chart
hands-on macro recording.xls — Contains the example recorded macro,
plus the cleaned up version.
apply data labels from a range.xls — Macros that apply data labels stored
in a range
axis settings - event macro.xls — Demonstrates setting axis scaling using
the Worksheet_Change event
axis settings.xls — Contains a macro to change axis scaling using values
stored in cells
axis scaling - calculate event — Demonstrates axis scaling using the
Worksheet_Calculate event
change chart location.xls — Contains macros that change embedded charts
to chart sheets, and vice versa
change series colors.xls — Contains macros that change the colors used in
column chart series
chart events - chart sheet.xls — Demonstrates various events for a chart
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