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Basic Chart Modifications
Figure 1-18: The end result of using the Chart Wizard
Basic Chart Modifications
After you’ve created a chart, you can modify it in many ways. The modifications
you can make to a chart are extensive. This section covers some of the more
common chart modifications:
Moving and resizing the chart
Changing the chart type
Moving chart elements
Deleting chart elements
Formatting the chart elements
Before you can modify a chart, the chart must be activated. To activate an
embedded chart, click it. Doing so activates the chart and also selects the
element that you click.To activate a chart on a Chart sheet, just click its sheet tab.
Moving and resizing a chart
If your chart is an embedded chart, you can freely move and resize it. Click the
chart’s border and then drag the border to move the chart. Drag any of the eight
“handles” to resize the chart. The handles are the black squares that appear on the
chart’s corners and edges when you click the chart’s border.
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