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Changing the chart type
Changing the chart type
To change the chart type of the active chart, use either of the following methods:
Choose the Chart Type button on the Chart toolbar. Click the drop-down
arrow, and this button expands to show 18 basic chart types.
Choose the Chart
Chart Type command.
Right-click and choose Chart Type from the shortcut menu
Chart Type command displays a dialog box much like the first step of
the ChartWizard. Click the Standard Types tab to select one of the standard chart
types (and a subtype), or click the Custom Types tab to select a customized chart.
After selecting a chart type, click OK. The selected chart will be changed to the type
you selected.
The Chart
If you’ve customized some aspects of your chart, choosing a new chart type
from the Custom Types tab may override some or all of the changes you’ve
made. For example, if you’ve added gridlines to the chart and then select a
custom chart type that doesn’t use gridlines, your gridlines disappear.
Therefore, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re satisfied with the chart
before you make too many custom changes to it. However, you can always
use Edit
Undo to reverse your actions.
In the Custom Types tab, if you click the User-defined option, the list box displays
the name of any user-defined custom formats.
Copying a chart
To make an exact copy of an embedded chart, press and hold down the Ctrl key.
Click the chart and then drag the mouse pointer to a new location. To make a copy
of a Chart sheet, use the same procedure but drag the Chart sheet’s tab.
Deleting a chart
To delete an embedded chart, press Ctrl and click the chart (this selects the chart as
an object). Then press Del. To delete a chart sheet, right-click its sheet tab and
choose Delete from the shortcut menu.
Moving and deleting chart elements
Some of the elements within a chart can be moved. The movable chart elements
include the titles, the legend, and data labels. To move a chart element, simply click
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