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Choosing a Chart Type
Frequency comparison: A common histogram, for example, can be used
to display the number (or percentage) of students who scored within a
particular range.
Identify “outliers” or unusual situations: If you have thousands of data
points, creating a chart may help identify data that is not representative.
Choosing a Chart Type
A common question among Excel users is, “How do I know which chart type to use
for my data?” Unfortunately, there is no cut-and-dried answer to this question.
Perhaps the best answer is a vague one: Use the chart type that gets your message
across in the simplest way.
Figure 2-1 shows the same set of data plotted using six different chart types.
Although all six charts represent the same information (monthly Web site visitors),
they look quite different from one another.
Figure 2-1: The same data, plotted using six chart types
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