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Pie charts
an optical illusion that makes it impossible to discern the order of the line series
across the depth axis.
Pie charts
A pie chart is useful when you want to show relative proportions or contributions
to a whole. A pie chart can use only one data series. Pie charts are most effective
with a small number of data points. Generally, a pie chart should use no more than
five or six data points (or slices). A pie chart with too many data points can be very
difficult to interpret.
The values used in a pie chart must all be positive numbers. If you create a
pie chart that uses one or more negative values, the negative values will be
converted to positive values — which is probably not what you intended!
Figure 2-9: This line chart uses three series.
Figure 2-10: This 3-D line chart is not a good choice
for this data.
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