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Radar charts
Chart Type
Standard doughnut chart
Exploded doughnut
Doughnut chart with all slices exploded
Radar charts
You may not be familiar with radar charts. A radar chart has a separate axis for
each category, and the axes extend outward from the center of the chart. The value
of each data point is plotted on the corresponding axis.
Figure 2-19 shows four radar charts, each with three categories. These charts
depict the red, green, and blue components for various colors using the RGB color
system. In the RGB color system, each color is represented by a value (between 0
and 255) for red, green, and blue. Although this fact is not apparent in the figure,
each chart also uses the color that it depicts.
Figure 2-19: Three radar charts, each with three categories
Figure 2-20 shows another example of a radar chart. This chart plots two data
series across 12 categories (months) and shows the seasonal demand for snow skis
versus water skis. Note that the water ski series partially obscures the snow ski series.
Table 2-9 lists Excel’s three radar chart subtypes.
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