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Creating your own custom chart types
1. Select Range A1:F2.
2. Click the Chart Wizard button.
3. Choose Bar as the Chart type and Clustered Bar as the subtype.
4. Click Next.
5. The data series is satisfactory, so click Next.
6. Select the Titles tab. Because the chart has only one series, the Chart title
defaults to the series name. Replace the chart title with Annual Customer
Survey Results . You’ll see the reason for this later.
7. Click the Legend tab and choose Top for the Placement position.
8. Click the Data Labels tab and choose the Show Value option.
9. Click Finish to create the embedded chart.
At this point, the chart resembles Figure 2-28.
Figure 2-27: This example creates a custom chart type for the data
pictured here.
Figure 2-28: This chart will eventually serve as the basis
for a custom chart type.
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