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Custom Chart Types: Behind the Scenes
You may be curious about how Excel keeps track of custom chart types. Custom chart
information is stored in two files:
Stores charts that are used for the built-in custom chart types
Stores user-defined custom chart types
Both of these files are standard workbooks, and you can open them to take a look.
The exact location of these files will vary, but you can search your hard drive to locate
them. The xlusrgal.xls does not exist until you create at least one user-defined custom
chart type.
The accompanying figure shows one of the 20 Chart sheets in xl8galry.xls. Notice
that the SERIES formula (displayed in the Formula bar) for the selected data series
displays the data in arrays rather than as range references. This technique makes each
chart self-sufficient so that it doesn’t require any references to worksheets.
If you like, you can modify the charts in xl8galry.xls to further customize them. Before
doing so, it’s a good idea to make a backup copy of the file.
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