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Chapter 3: Working with Chart Series
Dealing with Numeric Category Labels
It’s not uncommon to have category labels that consist of numbers. For example, you
may create a chart that shows sales by year, and the years are numeric values. If your
category labels include a heading, Excel will (incorrectly) interpret the category labels
as a data series. The following figure shows an example.
You can, of course, use the Source Data dialog box to fix the chart. But a more
efficient solution is to make a simple change before you create the chart: Remove the
header text above the category labels! The following figure shows the chart that was
created when the heading was removed from the category label column.
It’s a simple matter to override Excel’s orientation guess in Step 2 of the Chart
Wizard. Or, you can change the orientation after the chart is created. To do so:
1. Activate the chart.
2. Choose Chart
Source Data.
3. In the Source Data dialog box, select the Data Range tab.
4. Choose the Rows or Columns option. You’ll be able to get a preview of the
chart for each orientation.
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