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Adding a New Series to a Chart
Adding a New Series to a Chart
Excel provides several ways to add a new series to an existing chart:
Select the data range for the new series and then drag it into the chart.
Copy the range; then use Edit
Paste Special to paste the data into a chart.
Use the Source Data dialog box.
Use the Add Data dialog box.
Each of these methods is described in the sections that follow.
Actually, there is one other way to add a new series to a chart: Activate the
chart, click in the Formula bar, and type a SERIES formula manually (SERIES
formulas are described later in this chapter). This method offers no
advantages and is very prone to errors.
Attempting to add a new series to a pie chart will have no apparent effect,
because a pie chart can have only one series. The series, however, is added to
the chart but will not be displayed. If you select a different chart type for the
chart, the added series will then be visible.
Adding a new series using drag-and-drop
In some cases, the simplest way to add a new series to a chart is to drag it with the
mouse. Start with an existing chart (it must be an embedded chart) and then:
1. Select the range that contains the data that will comprise the new series.
Include the cell that contains the series name, if applicable.
2. Click a border of the selected range.
3. Drag the selected range into your chart.
This operation works much the same as moving a range of cells using drag-and-
drop techniques. The difference, of course, is that the data remains in its original
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