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Modifying the Data Range for a Chart Series
You can also use the series tab of the Source Data dialog box to delete a series.
Just select the series name in the Series list box and click the Remove button. You
can also delete a series via the chart’s legend. Select the legend, click the legend key
for the series (the marker next to the legend caption), and press Delete.
Modifying the Data Range
for a Chart Series
After you’ve created a chart, you may want to modify the data ranges used by the
chart. For example, you may need to expand the range to include new data. Or, you
may wish to substitute an entirely different range. Excel offers a number of ways to
perform these operations:
Drag the range highlights
Use the Source Data dialog box
Edit the SERIES formula
Each of these techniques is described in the sections that follow.
Chapter 7 discusses a number of techniques that enable you to set up a
“dynamic” range such that the chart adjusts automatically when you add
new data.
Using range highlighting to change series data
When you click a chart series, Excel highlights the worksheet ranges used in that
series. This range highlighting consists of one or more colored outlines around a
range of cells. Figure 3-5 shows an example in which the chart series (Region 1) is
selected. Excel highlights the following ranges: C2 (the series name), B3:B8 (the
category labels), and C3:C8 (the values).
Each of the highlighted ranges contains a small “handle” at each corner. You can
perform two operations with the highlighted data:
Expand or contract the data range: Click one of the handles and drag it
to expand the outlined range (specify more data) or contract the data
range (specify less data). When you click a handle, the mouse pointer
changes to a double arrow.
Specify an entirely different data range. Click one of the borders of the
highlight and then drag it to highlight a different range.
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