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Modifying the Data Range for a Chart Series
Figure 3-5: Selecting a chart series highlights the data used by the series.
Figure 3-6 shows the chart after the data range has been changed. In this case,
the highlight around cell C2 was dragged to cell D2, and the highlight around
C3:C8 was dragged to D3:D8 and then expanded to include D3:D14. Notice that the
range for the category labels (A3:A8) has not been modified. To finish the job, that
range needs to be expanded to A3:A14.
Figure 3-6: The chart’s data range has been modified.
A surface chart is a special case. It is not possible to select an individual series in
a surface chart. But when you select the plot area of a surface chart, Excel
highlights all the data used in the chart. You can then use the range highlighting to
change the ranges used in the chart.
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