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Inserting Rows and Columns
Customize It and Save It You can customize any preset table style
to suit your own design needs; just make the necessary changes to the
formatting. You can also save the new table formatting as a new table
style to reuse again later. Select the customized table, and display the
Quick Tables Gallery; click New Table Style . The Create New Style
from Formatting dialog box opens; give the style a name and click OK .
Formatting Tables You can format table text just as you can any other
text in Word. You can change fonts and sizes, apply color to text, add
background shading to the cells, change the gridline colors, and more.
Inserting Rows and Columns
You can add rows and columns in your table as you work. Naturally, your table expands
to include new rows or columns.
Click where you want to insert a new row or column in the table.
Click the Ribbon’s Layout tab.
Click Insert Above to add a row above the current location, or click Insert
Below to add a row below.
Click Insert Left to add a column to the left of the current location in the
table, or click Insert Right to add a column to the right.
In this example, a new row is added to the table.
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