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Deleting a Table
Oops! If you accidentally delete the wrong row or column, click the
Undo button on the Quick Access toolbar to quickly fix the mistake, or
press Ctrl+Z on your keyboard.
Removing Cells You can also choose to delete cells in a table rather
than entire rows or columns; click the Delete button on the Ribbon’s
Layout tab and then click Delete Cells . Deleting cells removes the cell
and its content, and Word prompts you to choose how you want to fill
in the gap, either by moving surrounding cells up or left.
Deleting a Table
You can easily delete a table you no longer need in a document. Just remember that delet-
ing a table removes all the content as well.
Click the table corner to select the table you want to delete.
Click the Ribbon’s Layout tab.
Click Delete .
Click Delete Table .
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