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Inserting a Blank Page
Understanding Templates As discussed in Chapter 7 , templates are
just documents with preset formatting and placeholder text. You can
find a variety of templates for all kinds of uses. Cover pages are just
one of many categories. After you create a cover page the way you like
it, save it as a template and add it to the collection to reuse again.
Remove It To remove a cover page you no longer want, click the page,
click the Insert tab, click Cover Page , and then click Remove Current
Cover Page .
Inserting a Blank Page
Although Word creates a new page for you as you type when you reach the end of the cur-
rent page, you might also need to insert a blank page from time to time. For example, you
might need a new page in the middle of two existing pages to insert a chart or graphic. It’s
easy to insert blank pages where you need them.
Click anywhere on the page that you want to appear after the newly inserted
Click the Insert tab.
Click Blank Page .
Word adds the page.
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