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Inserting a Hyperlink
Symbol Shortcuts Some symbols have their own shortcut keys you
can press to quickly add the symbol to any spot in a document. For
example, pressing Alt+Ctrl+C inserts the copyright (©) symbol and
pressing Alt+Ctrl+R inserts the registered symbol ( ). Look for key-
board shortcut keys for common symbols on the Special Characters
tab in the Symbol dialog box.
Inserting a Hyperlink
You can insert a hyperlink into a document that, when clicked, jumps you to another loc-
ation in the document, another document stored elsewhere on your computer or in the
cloud, or a web page on the Internet.
Select the text or graphic you want to turn into a hyperlink.
Click the Insert tab.
Click Links .
Click Hyperlink .
The Insert Hyperlink dialog box opens; click which type of link you want to
Navigate to the item you want to link to; depending on the type of link you
create, different options are available for selection.
Click OK .
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