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Changing Line Spacing
Types of Indents You can set several types of indents in Word, includ-
ing left and right indents. You can also set a First Line indent, which
indents just the first line of text in a paragraph, or a Hanging Indent,
which indents everything in the paragraph except the first line. You can
find draggable markers for these indents on the horizontal ruler; click
the View tab and click Ruler to display the ruler. You can also find
special indents through the Paragraph dialog box; click the Paragraph
Settings icon in the Paragraph group of tools on the Home tab.
Changing Line Spacing
Line spacing refers to the amount of space between lines of text and paragraphs. You can
choose from several preset line spacing amounts. By default, Multiple line spacing is as-
signed unless you specify something else.
Select the text you want to modify.
Click the Home tab.
Click Line and Paragraph Spacing .
Click the spacing you want to apply.
Word applies the spacing to the text.
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