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Controlling Paragraph Spacing
Character Spacing You can also control spacing between characters of
text. Sometimes called tracking, character spacing can help you place
typed characters closer together or further apart. You can find character
spacing controls in the Font dialog box. From the Home tab, click the
Font icon in the corner of the Font group of tools. This opens the Font
dialog box. Click the Advanced tab to find character spacing controls.
Controlling Paragraph Spacing
Word adds extra space below every paragraph by default. You can control the spacing to
suit your own document needs. You can specify how much space to include before and
after paragraphs.
Select the paragraph or paragraphs you want to modify.
Click the Page Layout tab.
Click the Spacing spinner arrows to select the measurement you want to as-
sign; click Before to add space before a paragraph, or click After to add
space after a paragraph.
Word applies the spacing to the text.
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