Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Exploring Backstage View
Ribbon Display Options By default, Office displays both the Ribbon
tab and its related commands and buttons. If you want to save screen
space, you can choose to show tabs only or hide the Ribbon entirely. If
you show tabs only, you can click a tab to display its commands tem-
Exploring Backstage View
Backstage view enables you to perform common Office file-related tasks in one place.
Click the File tab.
View the Info window, which displays by default. This window enables you
to control access to your document and view its properties.
Click New to create a new document, either a blank document or one from
a template.
Click Open to open an existing document or view a list of recent docu-
Click Save to save your document to your computer or SkyDrive, Mi-
crosoft’s online file-sharing site.
Click Save As to save an existing document under a new name.
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