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Using the AutoSum Button
Nonsequential Sums There are two ways to reference a range of val-
ues. If the cells to be included are sequential, they are separated by
a colon (:). If the range is nonsequential, the cells are separated by a
comma (,). For example, the range (B8:D8) would include cells B8, C8,
and D8; the range (B8:D8, F4) would include cells B8, C8, D8, and F4.
Using the AutoSum Button
Excel’s AutoSum button simplifies creating a basic addition formula. You can calculate a
string of numbers in either a row or a column using this easy feature.
Select the cell below or to the right of the values to be totaled.
On the Home tab, click the AutoSum button.
Press Enter . The result of the calculation displays in the selected cell.
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