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Printing Your Presentation
Scrolling and Zooming Below the slide, you can click the left and right
arrows to scroll through the presentation. You can also use the zoom
control to reduce or enlarge the size of the slides.
Click Print .
Select the number of Copies you want to print.
Select your Printer from the drop-down list.
Select the slides you want to print. Your options include Print All Slides,
Print Selection, Print Current Slide, or Custom Range.
Select the print layout you want to use. Options include Full Page Slides,
Notes Pages, Outline, or nine different Handout layouts.
Specify whether you want to collate your printouts (print in consecutive or-
der). This option is valid only if you choose to print more than one copy of
your presentation.
Specify color options for your printed presentation. You can print in color,
grayscale, or pure black and white.
Click the Print button to print your formatted presentation to the printer
you selected.
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