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Inserting a Video Clip from Your Computer
Resize a Video Clip You can resize and reposition a video by dragging
the handles that surround it when it’s selected.
Delete a Video Clip To delete a video clip from a slide, select it and
press the Delete key.
Inserting a Video Clip from Your Computer
Inserting a video clip from your computer or a network location is another easy way to in-
corporate video into your presentation. PowerPoint supports many video formats includ-
ing the following: .ASF, .AVI, .MPEG, .WMV, .MOV, and Adobe Flash media.
Select the slide where you want to insert your video clip.
Click the Insert tab.
Click the Video button.
Select Video on My PC from the menu.
Navigate to the video you want, and click the Insert button.
PowerPoint inserts the video into your slide.
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