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Setting Slide Transitions
Transition Options PowerPoint offers a variety of transition options
ranging from subtle to dynamic, including the capability to fade, wipe,
reveal, or introduce a slide with a honeycomb effect. Most transitions
enable you to choose a direction as well. For example, you can wipe up,
down, left, or right.
To add a sound effect to your transition, select a sound from the Sound
drop-down list. If you want to use a sound stored on your computer, choose
Other Sound .
Select the amount of time (in seconds) you want the transition to take to in-
troduce each slide in the Duration field.
By default, PowerPoint starts transitions on a mouse-click.
If you would rather transition to the next slide after a specified amount of
time, select the After check box and enter a time.
Click the Preview button on the left side of the Transitions tab.
Click the Apply to All button to apply the transitions to all slides in your
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