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Animating Slide Objects
PowerPoint Animation Types PowerPoint offers four categories of
animations: entrance animations that determine how the text or object
enters the slide, emphasis animations that add emphasis to the text or
object, exit animations that determine how the text or object exits the
slide, and motion path animations that set a path that the selected text
or object follows.
Click the Effect Options button to choose the direction to apply the anima-
tion, such as From Left or From Top-Right.
Click the Trigger button to specify what triggers this animation to start: the
click of a specific object on the slide or a bookmark.
In the Start field, specify when to start the animation: with a mouse-click,
with the previous animation, or after the previous animation.
Select a Delay , in seconds, between each animation. If you don’t want a
delay, select 00.00 in this field.
Select a Duration , in seconds, to determine how long the animation should
Click the Preview button to preview your animation choices.
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