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Presenting Your Show
Playing and Deleting Narrations To play voice narrations during a
slide show, verify that the Play Narrations check box is selected on the
Slide Show tab. To delete slide narrations, click the down arrow below
the Record Slide Show button, and select Clear . From here, you can
choose whether to clear timings or narrations on the current slide or all
Presenting Your Show
After you set up your PowerPoint slide show, it’s time to present it. When you present a
show, PowerPoint uses the settings you entered in the Set Up Show dialog box and on the
Slide Show tab.
Click the From Beginning button on the Slide Show tab to start your show.
Alternatively, press F5 .
Pause your mouse over the lower-left corner of your presentation to view
PowerPoint’s hidden navigation buttons.
Click the Next button to move to the next slide. Alternatively, press the
Page Down key.
To use a pen or laser pointer, click the Pen navigation button, and select
your preferred tool.
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