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Sending an Email Message
Message Preview In addition to controlling the Reading Pane, you can
also control how many lines from a message appear in the message list
pane. By default, Outlook displays 1 line, but you can choose to view
more or no message lines at all; click the Message Preview button on
the View tab, and make a selection.
Sending an Email Message
When composing a message in Outlook, you can use a message window. The message
window includes tabs of options for formatting message text, attaching files, adding pic-
tures, and more.
Click the Home tab.
Click New Email .
Type in the recipient’s email address, or if it’s already stored in your Ad-
dress book, click the To button and choose the address.
Click in the Subject box and type in a message title.
Click here and type in your message text.
To change the formatting, such as a different font or size, choose from the
Message tab’s options, or click the Format Text tab for more formatting
Click Send to send the message.
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