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Replying to a Message
The Reading Pane You can also use the Reading Pane to read a selec-
ted message. If the pane is not visible, click the View tab, click Read-
ing Pane , and then click Right or Bottom to turn on the pane.
New in Outlook 2013! You can now reply and forward messages you
read in the Reading Pane. Simply click the Reply , Reply All , or For-
ward buttons at the top of the message and enter your new message.
Click the Pop Out button to open the message in its own window.
Replying to a Message
You can reply to a message from the Reading Pane or open the message window. The
message window offers access to more commands and features for helping you format the
message, proofread it, or insert pictures. When you reply to a message from the Reading
Pane, an abbreviated group of commonly used formatting tools appears on the Message
Select the message.
From the Reading Pane, click Reply .
Outlook adds draft status to the message here; you can use the Compose
Tools Message tab on the Ribbon to add formatting to a message or apply
other commands and features.
Type your reply.
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