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Scheduling a Meeting
Shortcut You can also double-click a date on the calendar to open the
appointment form. When you do, be sure to unselect the All Day Event
check box to create a regular appointment.
Appointment Options Click the Options drop-down arrow on the Ap-
pointment tab in the form to choose from display options for shared
calendars, set a recurring appointment, or assign a reminder alarm.
Scheduling a Meeting
You can use Outlook’s Calendar to set up meetings and email attendees. You can keep
track of who is attending your meeting and check their calendars for availability as well.
From the Calendar’s Home tab, click New Meeting .
An untitled meeting form opens; type the attendees’ email addresses.
Type a subject.
Specify a date.
Indicate start and end times for the meeting.
Type a message or notes about the meeting.
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