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Using the Clipboard to Cut, Copy, and Paste
File-Opening Option You can also open a file by double-clicking its
name in Windows Explorer or by pressing Ctrl+O to display the Open
dialog box directly.
Using the Clipboard to Cut, Copy, and Paste
Using the options in the Clipboard group on the Home tab, you can cut, copy, and paste
objects. In Office, an object refers to any of the components you include in your docu-
ments, such as text, shapes, pictures, text boxes, placeholders, SmartArt, charts, WordArt,
and so forth.
Select an object.
Click Cut (or press Ctrl+X) to cut the object.
Click Copy (or press Ctrl+C) to copy the object.
Click Paste (or press Ctrl+V) to paste the object in a new location.
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