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Chapter 21. Creating Notebooks
Chapter 21. Creating Notebooks
OneNote is a handy organizing program you can use to help keep track of various pieces
of information. Acting as a digital three-ring binder, you can use OneNote to store and or-
ganize clippings and text notes, as well as visual items such as digital photos and artwork,
video clips, and more. You can move notes around and organize them into pages any way
you want. You’ll find plenty of uses for OneNote around the home, school, or the office.
You can also print and share your digital notebooks and store them online in Microsoft’s
Cloud storage.
Notebooks are composed of pages and sections. You can add as many of each as you need.
Sections display as tabs across the top of the page, whereas pages appear as tabs along the
right side of the screen. Like all the other Office programs, OneNote displays commands,
tools, and features on the Ribbon at the top of the program window. However, to give you
plenty of space to work with your notebook pages, the Ribbon may be minimized until you
need it. You never need to save your work in OneNote; the program saves things automat-
ically for you as you go along.
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