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Chapter 22. Enhancing and Managing Notebooks
Chapter 22. Enhancing and Managing Notebooks
Text notes and artwork aren’t the only parts of building notebooks. You might need to col-
lect other types of items for a project, such as video data or an entire folder of research
files. You can add more than text notes and images inserted directly into your OneNote
notebooks. You can also add the contents of files, create custom tables, record video and
audio clips, and more.
OneNote also includes an entire tab of tools on the Ribbon to create drawings, shapes, and
other freeform designs. For example, you can use the Highlighter Pen to highlight text in
your notes, or you can use the shapes tools to draw arrows and circles on your pages.
In addition to other types of information you can add, you can also tap into OneNote’s other
powers to quickly swap tasks with Microsoft Outlook and import files into your notebook
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