Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Saving a File to Your Computer
Format Painter The Format Painter is a timesaving tool if you want to
reuse formatting you’ve applied to an object. For example, if you select
an object with 3-D effects, click the Format Painter button, and then
select another object so that new object gets the same 3-D effects.
The Clipboard When you copy an object, it displays on the Clipboard.
To view the Clipboard, click the down arrow to the right of the Clip-
board group on the Home tab to open the Clipboard pane. You can also
select which item to paste on this pane.
Saving a File to Your Computer
Saving files as you work is a good practice and a good way to avoid losing critical data.
In this section, you find out how to save a file for the first time.
Click the File tab.
Click Save As .
Click Computer .
Click the Browse button.
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