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Entering Values on a Worksheet
Did You Know?
Excel doesn’t recognize the entry. The AutoComplete option may not
be turned on. To turn on the feature, click the File tab, click Options,
click Advanced, select the Enable AutoComplete For Cell Values check
box, and then click OK.
Long labels might appear truncated. When you enter a label that is
wider than the cell it occupies, the excess text appears to spill into the
next cell to the right—unless there is data in the adjacent cell. If that
cell contains data, the label will appear truncated—you’ll only see the
portion of the label that fits in the cell’s current width. Click the cell to
see its entire contents displayed on the formula bar.
Entering Values on a Worksheet
You can enter values as whole numbers, decimals, percentages, or dates using the numbers
on the top row of your keyboard, or by pressing your Num Lock key, the numeric keypad
on the right. When you enter a date or the time of day, Excel automatically recognizes
these entries (if entered in an acceptable format) as numeric values and changes the cell’s
format to a default date or time format. You can also change the way values, dates or times
of day are shown.
Enter a Value
Click the cell where you want to enter a value.
Type a value.
Press Enter, or click the Enter button on the formula bar.
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