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Entering Values Quickly with AutoFill
Entering Values Quickly with AutoFill
AutoFill is a feature that automatically fills in data based on the data in adjacent cells.
Using the fill handle , you can enter data in a series, or you can copy values or formulas to
adjacent cells. A single cell entry can result in a repeating value or label, or the results can
be a more complex series. You can enter your value or label, and then complete entries
such as days of the week, weeks of the year, months of the year, or consecutive number-
Enter Repeating Data or Series Using AutoFill
Select the first cell in the range you want to fill.
Enter the starting value to be repeated, or in a series.
Position the pointer on the lower-right corner of the selected cell. The pointer
changes to the fill handle (a black plus sign).
Drag the fill handle over the range you want the value repeated.
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