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Inserting Content with Flash Fill
Inserting Content with Flash Fill
Flash Fill ( New ! ) is a feature that automatically fills in data based on the content it re-
cognizes in other cells. Excel uses pattern recognition to help you fill in the content. For
example, if you have a cell with a first name and last name, you can split the information
into two cells with Flash Fill. In an adjacent cell, when you type the first name in a couple
of cells to create a pattern, Excel recognizes it, and then allows you to auto fill in the rest
of the column. After the auto fill, you can click the Flash Fill Options button ( New ! ) to
undo the Flash Fill, Accept Suggestions, or select all blank or changed cells.
Insert Data Using Flash Fill
Select the first cell in the range you want to flash fill.
Enter the value that you want recognized, and then press Enter.
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