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Finding and Replacing Cell Contents
Did You Know?
There is a difference between deleting a cell and clearing a cell. De-
leting a cell is different from clearing a cell: deleting removes the cells
from the worksheet; clearing removes only the cell contents, or format,
or both.
Finding and Replacing Cell Contents
The Find and Replace commands make it easy to locate or replace specific text or formu-
las in a document. For example, you might want to find each figure reference in a long
report to verify that the proper graphic appears. Or you might want to replace all referen-
ces to cell A3 in your Excel formulas with cell G3. The Find and Replace dialog boxes
vary slightly from one Office program to the next, but the commands work essentially in
the same way.
Find Cell Contents
Click at the beginning of the worksheet.
Click the Home tab.
Click the Find & Select button, and then click Find .
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