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Correcting Cell Contents with AutoCorrect
If a message box appears when you reach the end of the worksheet, click OK .
Click Close .
Correcting Cell Contents with AutoCorrect
Excel’s AutoCorrect feature automatically corrects common capitalization and spelling
errors as you type. AutoCorrect comes with hundreds of text and symbol entries you can
edit or remove. You can add words and phrases to the AutoCorrect dictionary that you
misspell, or add often-typed words and save time by just typing their initials. You could
use AutoCorrect to automatically change the initials EPA to Environmental Protection
Agency, for example. You can also use AutoCorrect to quickly insert symbols. For ex-
ample, you can type (c) to insert ©. Use the AutoCorrect Exceptions dialog box to con-
trol how Excel handles capital letters. If you use math symbols in your work, you can use
Math AutoCorrect to make it easier to insert them. It works just like AutoCorrect. When
you point to a word that AutoCorrect changed, a small blue box appears under the first let-
ter. When you point to the small blue box, the AutoCorrect Options button appears, which
gives you control over whether you want the text to be corrected.
Turn On AutoCorrect
Click the File tab, and then click Options .
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