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Checking Spelling
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You can remove an action from text or item. Select text or item, and
then press Delete to remove it.
Checking Spelling
A worksheet’s textual inaccuracies can distract the reader, so it’s important that your text
be error-free. Excel provides a spelling checker—common for all Office programs—so
that you can check the spelling in an entire worksheet for words not listed in Excel’s dic-
tionary (such as misspellings, names, technical terms, or acronyms) or duplicate words
(such as the the ). You can correct these errors as they arise or after you finish the entire
workbook. You can use the Spelling button on the Review tab to check the entire work-
book using the Spelling dialog box, or you can avoid spelling errors on a worksheet by
enabling the AutoCorrect feature to automatically correct words as you type.
Check Spelling All at Once
Click the Review tab.
Click the Spelling button.
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