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Finding the Right Words
Finding the Right Words
Repeating the same word in a workbook can reduce a message’s effectiveness. Instead,
replace some words with synonyms or find antonyms. If you need help finding exactly the
right words, use the shortcut menu to look up synonyms quickly or search a Thesaurus for
more options. This feature can save you time and improve the quality and readability of
your workbook. You can also install a Thesaurus for another language. Foreign language
thesauruses can be accessed under Research Options on the Research task pane.
Use the Thesaurus
Select the text you want to translate.
Click the Review tab.
Click the Thesaurus button.
Click the list arrow, and then select a Thesaurus , if necessary.
Point to the word in the Research task pane.
Click the list arrow, and then click one of the following:
Insert to replace the word you looked up with the new word.
Copy to copy the new word and then paste it within the workbook.
Look Up to look up the word for other options.
When you’re done, click the Close button on the task pane.
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