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Undoing and Redoing an Action
Did You Know?
You can use touch commands. In Office, you can use the following
touch commands:
Click - Tap in the file.
Double-click - Double-tap in the file.
Drag - Tap and slide.
Zoom - Pinch or stretch two fingers.
Scroll - Touch and slide up or down.
Select - Tap an object. For multiple objects, select one, and then tap and
hold the others. For text, tap and drag.
You can make text and objects bigger. In Windows, open the Control
Panel, tap Appearance & Personalization, tap Display, and tap Medium
- 125% or Larger - 150%, and then tap Apply.
Undoing and Redoing an Action
You may realize you’ve made a mistake shortly after completing an action or a task.
The Undo feature lets you “take back” one or more previous actions, including data you
entered, edits you made, or commands you selected. For example, if you were to enter a
number in a cell, and then decide the number was incorrect, you could undo the entry in-
stead of selecting the data and deleting it. A few moments later, if you decide the number
you deleted was correct after all, you could use the Redo feature to restore it to the cell.
Undo an Action
Click the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar to undo the last action you
Click the Undo button arrow on the Quick Access Toolbar to see recent ac-
tions that can be undone.
Click an action. Office reverses the selected action and all actions above it.
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