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Perform Calculations
Perform Calculations
By default, every time you make a change to a value, formula, or name, Excel performs a
calculation. To change the way Excel performs calculations, click the Formulas tab, click
the Calculation Options button, and then click the option you want: Automatic, Automat-
ic Except Data Tables, or Manual. To manually recalculate all open workbooks, click the
Calculate Now button (or press F9). To recalculate the active worksheet, click the Calcu-
late Sheet button (or press Shift+F9).
Precedence Order
Formulas perform calculations from left to right, according to a specific order for each
operator. Formulas containing more than one operator follow precedence order: exponen-
tiation, multiplication and division, and then addition and subtraction. So, in the formula
2 + 5 * 7, Excel performs multiplication first and addition next for a result of 37. Excel
calculates operations within parentheses first. The result of the formula (2 + 5) * 7 is 49.
Types of Operators
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