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Entering Named Cells and Ranges
Entering Named Cells and Ranges
After you define a named cell or range, you can enter a name by typing, using the Name
box, using Formula AutoComplete, or selecting from the Use in Formula command. As
you begin to type a name in a formula, Formula AutoComplete displays valid matches in a
drop-down list, which you can select and insert into a formula. You can also select a name
from a list of available from the Use in Formula command. If you have already entered a
cell or range address in a formula or function, you can apply a name to the address instead
of re-creating it.
Enter a Named Cell or Range Using the Name Box
Click the Name box list arrow on the formula bar.
Click the name of the cell or range you want to use.
The range name appears in the Name box, and all cells included in the range
are highlighted on the worksheet.
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