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Simplifying a Formula with Ranges
Did You Know?
You can delete a name range. Click the Formulas tab, click the Name
Manager button, select the names you want to delete, click Delete or
press Delete, click OK to confirm, and then click Close.
What happens when you change a label reference? If you change the
name of a reference label, Excel automatically makes the change to
every formula in which the name is used.
You can label names that are relative. When you use a label name in a
formula or function, Excel sees it as a relative reference. You can copy
the formula to other cells, or use AutoFill to copy it and the reference
Simplifying a Formula with Ranges
You can simplify formulas by using ranges and range names. For example, if 12 cells on
your worksheet contain monthly budget amounts, and you want to multiply each amount
by 10%, you can insert one range address in a formula instead of inserting 12 different
cell addresses, or you can insert a range name. Using a range name in a formula helps
to identify what the formula does; the formula =TotalOrder*0.10, for example, is more
meaningful than =SUM(F6:F19)*0.10.
Use a Range in a Formula
Put your cursor where you would like the formula. Type an equal sign (=) fol-
lowed by the start of a formula, such as =SUM( .
Click the first cell of the range, and then drag to select the last cell in the range.
Excel enters the range address for you.
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