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Calculating Totals with AutoSum
Calculating Totals with AutoSum
A range of cells can easily be added using the AutoSum button on the Formulas tab.
AutoSum suggests the range to sum, although this range can be changed if it’s incorrect.
AutoSum looks at all of the data that is consecutively entered, and when it sees an empty
cell, that is where the AutoSum stops. You can also use AutoSum to perform other cal-
culations, such as AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, and MIN. Subtotals can be calculated for
data ranges using the Subtotals dialog box. This dialog box lets you select where the sub-
totals occur, as well as the function type.
Calculate Totals with AutoSum
Click the cell where you want to display the calculation.
• To sum with a range of numbers, select the range of cells you want.
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