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Calculating Totals with Quick Analysis
Calculating Totals with Quick Analysis
When you select a range of cells, you can use the Quick Analysis tool ( New ! ) to calculate
totals for the data. The tool allows you to calculate totals for Sum, Average, Count, %
Total, and Running Total. The result of the totals can appear below the selected range or to
the right of the selected range. You can point to a button option to display a live preview
of the results before you commit to it. In addition to calculating totals, you can also use
the Quick Analysis tool ( New ! ) to format data and create charts and tables.
Calculate Totals with Quick Analysis Below Selection
Select the range of cells you want to total.
A Quick Analysis button appears in the lower right corner of the selection.
Click the Quick Analysis button.
A menu appears, displaying heading tabs along the top, and buttons below it.
Click Totals .
To preview the totals result, point to the button (select an icon with blue row)
with the type of total calculation you want.
Scroll Arrows. Click a left or right scroll arrow to display buttons.
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