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Performing One Time Calculations
Performing One Time Calculations
Sometimes you may want to perform simple calculations, such as dividing each value in a
range by 4, without having to take the time to use a formula. You can use the Paste Special
command to perform simple mathematical operations, such as Add, Subtract, Multiply,
and Divide. If you want to perform a more complex function, you can create a temporary
formula to accomplish a one-time task. For example, if you want to display a list of names
in proper case with only the first letter of each name in uppercase, you can use the Proper
Perform One Time Simple Calculations without Using a Formula
Select an empty cell, and then enter the number you want to use in a calcula-
Click the Home tab.
Click the Copy button.
Select the range you want to use in the calculation.
Click the Paste button arrow, and then click Paste Special .
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