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Creating Functions Using the Library
Creating Functions Using the Library
To make it easier to find the function you need for a specific use, Excel has organized
functions into categories—such as Financial, Logical, Text, Date & Time, Lookup & Re-
ference, Math & Trig, and other functions—on the Formulas tab. Functions—such as beta
and chi-squared distributions—for the academic, engineering, and scientific community
have been improved for more accuracy and includes new ones in all categories ( New ! ) and
web services ( New ! ). Some statistical functions have been renamed for consistency with
the real world. After you use a function, Excel places it on the recently used list. When
you insert a function from the Function Library, Excel inserts the function in the formula
bar and opens a Function Argument dialog box, where you can enter or select the cells
you want to use in the function.
Enter a Function Using the Function Library
Click the cell where you want to enter the function.
Click the Formulas tab.
Type = (an equal sign).
Click the button ( Financial , Logical , Text , Date & Time , Lookup & Referen-
ce , Math & Trig , More Functions , or Recently Used ) from the Function
Library with the type of function you want to use, click a submenu if neces-
sary, and then click the function you want to insert into a formula.
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